Memberships are available free of charge to all residents of Midland. We also offer memberships to those living in the Township of Tiny, Christian Island or Oro-Medonte. Midland Public Library also offers reciprocal Library Memberships to anyone with a valid Barrie Public Library Card (must live in the City of Barrie) or anyone with a valid Orillia Public Library Card (must live in the City of Orillia).

If you live outside of these areas you are still welcome to join the library, however memberships fees will apply as follows:

  • $135.00 per year
  • $75.00 for 6 months
  • $60.00 for 3 months
  • $35.00 for 1 month

In order to obtain a membership visit the library with a piece of government-issued ID which lists your current household address.

Children under the age of 14 must have their library cards authorized by a parent or guardian.

Library memberships are due for renewal every 2 years for residents of Midland, and annually for all other memberships.

Patrons accept full responsibility for all materials checked out on their accounts and for any fines associated with lost, late, or damaged materials associated with their account. If your library card is lost, please contact the library immediately to report it. Replacement cards can be issued for a fee of $3.

A valid library card or government issued ID must be presented to check out materials.

Printing, Photocopying & Fax Services


Printing is available through any one of our public access computer stations located on the second floor of the Midland Public Library.

Patrons are reminded to use the print preview function when printing from our public internet computers as they are responsible for paying for all pages printed.

The print management software on the computers will tell patrons how many pages they are printing and the total price. After reviewing the information, click “OK” twice. When ready, patrons then pay the staff at the Information Desk and the print job is released to the printer beside the Information Desk.

Price per page for printing:

  • Black & White: $0.25/pg
  • Color: $1.00/pg


Our photocopying service is available on the main floor, located behind the main circulation desk. The photocopier is operated by staff members only. They will process your photocopying requests.

Price per page for printing:

Copy Style8.5 x 11"8.5 x 14"11 x 17"
Black & White$0.25$0.25$0.50


Our fax service is available on the main floor, located behind the main circulation desk. Staff at the main desk will process your faxing requests for you.

Price per page for faxing:

  • Sending a fax: $2.00 for the 1st page, $0.50 for each additional page
  • Receiving a fax: $0.50 per page

All prices for printing, copying and faxing are subject to change without notice.

Light Therapy Lamps

Light Therapy Lamps are designed to mimic spring and summer light levels and help treat the “winter blues,” or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Midland Public Library is providing a lamp for community members to use in the Library.
Turn the lamp on and sit, read or work in front of it for 20-30 minutes. For sensitive users, gradual exposure is recommended. Sit about 2 feet away. Face the lamp and allow the light to shine on your face but not directly in your eyes. Do not stare directly into the light. Adjust the angle of the lamp to suit your position.
Light therapy is considered to be safe. Side effects are rare and if they occur they are usually mild and can include nausea, headaches and/or eye strain. There are no known long-term side effects of light therapy. If you experience discomfort, stop using the lamp and contact your doctor.
People with certain medical conditions (retinal disease, macular degeneration or diabetes), and those taking certain medications (melatonin, thioridazine, or lithium) should consult a doctor before using light therapy lamps. The light therapy lamp should not be viewed as a cure, and other measures including staying fit, sleeping well and eating healthy are also very beneficial for treating the symptoms of mood disorders. Use of the lamp is at your own discretion. Midland Public Library is not liable for any health issues related to the use of the lamp.